Resources about Arimo (formerly known as Adatao), a company that offers an interface that enables business users, data scientists, developers, and data engineers to collaborate and present insights from big data.

Arimo (Adatao)

Perspectives on Arimo

L;;Arimo - Company Overview;;NA;;;
L;;Adatao Democratizes Big Data Intelligence for Biz Users;;NA;;;
L;;Adatao Enhances Hadoop with Natural-Language Queries and Machine Learning;;NA;;;
L;;Adatao Brings Its Big Data Machine Learning Tools to the Masses;;NA;;;
L;;Adatao Claims - We Will Do for Data Intelligence What the iPhone Did for the Mobile Internet.;;NA;;;
L;;Adatao's Big Dreams for Big Data;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Arimo - Behavioral AI Platform;;NA;;;

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