Resources about how BI and big data technology can be used to personalize online experiences for users, in order to optimize conversion and user experience. 

BI, Big Data and Personalization

Perspectives on BI, Big Data and Personalization

L;;Productization of Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Beyond Product Recommendations: Big Data's Role in Personalization;;;;;
L;;Profiting from Personalization;;NA;2017;;;Personalization is causing a seismic shift across the landscape of consumer-facing brands, and we are only starting to feel the shocks. Already brands that create personalized experiences by integrati
L;;Big Data is About Analytics, Not Big Data;;;;;
L;;Interesting Ways Businesses Use Big Data to Improve Personalization;;;;;
L;;Personalization: Just Do It. But Don’t Overdo It;;;;;
L;;Marketing Collateral: How to Personalize Your Print Campaign with Big Data;;;;;
L;;Personalized mobile marketing and big data: A marriage in better;;;;;
L;;Big Data Can Help You Provide a Personalized Small-Shop Experience;;;;;

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