Resources about possible source of traffic to a website (referrals from other sites, search traffic, direct, links from emails, etc.) and the source/medium metric in web analytics, which measures how many of a website's visitors came from each source and provides details (such as a specific URL the visitors originated from).

Source and Medium in Web Analytics

Perspectives on Source and Medium in Web Analytics

L;;43 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Site;;NA;NA;;;You need more website traffic. If you run an online business, traffic is your lifeblood because it enables your business model to work and pay your bills. Therefore, you need to employee multiple strategies to bring new visitors to your site and keep old visitors engaged with your content.
L;;Traffic Sources for Websites;;NA;;;In today's world  over 65% of businesses have gone online. Future is even more favorable for an online market. There is a dire need of online traffic for any website. You must agree that traffic is th
L;;The Best Source Of Traffic If You Don't Want To Use Facebook Ads;;;;;
L;;The New No. 1 Referral Traffic Source;;NA;;;Hey there – Molly Buccini here with this week’s Content and Coffee . Today we’re talking about the unexpected source of most of your referral traffic. Most of us assume search is the best way to
L;;Instant Articles - People Are Less Likely to Bounce When Articles Load Fast;;;;;
L;;Traffic Sources;;NA;;;Overview The traffic sources overview page tells you how people find your site.  The source is the method by which your customer came to your website.  Direct navigation means a person directly type
L;;Diversify Your Traffic Sources;;NA;;;This is going to sound strange coming from an SEO professional  but organic SEO alone isn’t enough when it comes to developing an online marketing campaign. While SEO is important for online success
L;;E-commerce Marketing: Where Your Website Traffic Will Come from and How;;NA;;;Tweet  As you build your site  you should be planning your marketing activity. Without this  you will not succeed. We are sometimes shocked by the naivety of retailers – especially startups – when
L;;Average Traffic Sources For Websites: Benchmarks From 15K HubSpot Customers;;NA;;;HubSpot Research exported sources data from HubSpot’s Marketing product and created website visit benchmarks across business type  employee size  region  and industry. HubSpot Research calculated t
L;;Traffic Sources – The Big List of 70+ Ways to Increase Website Traffic;;NA;;;This is an UPDATED list of 70(ish) traffic sources for increasing your website traffic for webmasters of all experience levels. Whether you have just registered your first site and have no idea of whe
L;;3 Untapped Traffic Sources for Websites;;NA;;;What fuels our blog? It’s traffic. Whether it is hundred or millions  everyone needs traffic to fuel their blog. Every activity undertaken to run a blog is solely dependent on attracting more traffi
L;;Check Out these 10 Underutilized Traffic Sources;;NA;;;As a startup marketer  what channels do you exploit in order to increase traffic to your site? In my experience  most marketers focus on organic and paid search  as well as social media and email mark
L;;My Top 7 Traffic Sources;;NA;;;Hey guys  I’m currently getting 30 000+ visitors each and every month  and I thought I’d share where that traffic is coming from… Enjoy! And be sure to leave me a comment :) 1. Solo Ads – I us
L;;Analysis: What is the Best Source of Web Traffic?;;NA;;;We all know that getting heaps of traffic is really important for any blog or website. In fact  without traffic there is really not a lot of chance of having long term success.  But what a lot of new

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L;;Building Alternative Traffic Sources;;NA;;;Are all of your online marketing efforts solely focused on getting traffic from Google? Before you find yourself on the wrong end of an algorithm update or SERP experiment you need to make sure that y
L;;Website Traffic Sources: How to Choose What’s Best for Your Business;;NA;;;Let me start with a bold statement: Traffic is traffic. Whether it's paid for or free  it's still traffic. And  at the end of the day  what really matters is qualified traffic. You can get a lot of tr
L;;3 Quick Tips For Getting More Traffic To Your Website;;;;;

Source and Medium in Google Analytics

L;;Traffic Source Dimension in Google Analytics - Source/Medium;;NA;;;In Google Analytics  one segmentation that assists site owners  marketers and overall decision makers determine their effectiveness is the Traffic Source. Though we can view crucial information perta
L;;Google Analytics - Traffic Source of Specific Page;;NA;;;Sometimes you just need to see how visitors arrived at a specific page on your website. You may want to know about the referring domain  or maybe even which pages on your own website referred users to
L;;8 Steps for Eliminating Bad Data in Google Analytics;;NA;;;December is a weird month for analytics reporting. This is the busiest time of year for many e-commerce companies. Employees are working around the clock to ensure that their websites are performing w

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