Resources about segmentation, the practice of dividing visitors to a website into segments (e.g. new vs. returning users) and measuring the behavior of each segment.

Segmentation in Web Analytics

Perspectives on Segmentation in Web Analytics

L;;Behavioral Segments – The Secret Sauce of Analytics;;NA;NA;;;In traditional analytics, user statuses are static, single states or events frozen in time. Yet in web analytics,  these are how we normally define user segments, profiles and personas to differentiate between users.
L;;Web Analytics Deliver Great Customer Experiences Thanks to Segmentation;;NA;NA;;If you want to analyse how people interact with your website content, there is a high chance that you won't be looking at the bigger picture. On the contrary, value comes from looking at the details. Visitors come to a website from multiple channels, for various reasons, so it makes sense to group similar people together to analyse their behaviour.
L;;Understanding Your Visitors With Segments;;NA;NA;;;Your website is made up of unique groups of people. That might be a group of people who use certain devices, people who are looking for a specific type of information, people who visit from a certain source, people from a certain geographic region, or more.To really know how to improve your website, you want to view data about each group separate from the data about other groups.
L;;How Visitor Segmentation Increases Sales (and 3 Segments You Should Definitely Optimize Your Site For);;NA;NA;;;This post will show how identifying visitor segments and building marketing strategies around them will deliver nothing else but MOAR sales.
L;;Web Analytics - Segmentation;;NA;;;Segmentation is the process that segregates the data to find the actionable items. For example  you can categorize your entire website traffic data as one segment for a Country  and one for a specific
L;;Web Analytics Segmentation as a Road to Enlightenment;;NA;;;Segmenting data in web analytics may be an old concept that has been in existence since the first free web analytics tools such as Google Analytics  Yahoo Analytics and Piwik. However  it is not alway
L;;Advanced Segments: Should I Filter by Sessions or Users?;;NA;;;To filter by Sessions or by Users? That is the question… at least it is if you have ever configured an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics. Advanced Segments are a powerful tool for slicing and di
L;;Segmentation in Web Analytics: A Fundamental Approach;;;;;
L;;Web Analytics Segmentation Tips;;NA;;;With so much data available  how do you know which is useful to you?  One of the greatest ways to get information about your customers is to segment them into different groups.    Here are some

L;;Simple Segmentation for Your Website and Better Web Analytics Understanding;;NA;;;If you are a company with a sizeable email marketing budget and list you will be interested in increasing sales or increasing leads. But what should you key performance indicators be?  Some choices fo
L;;Why Web Analytics and Segmentation Are Important to Track Results;;NA;;;The web evolves constantly  round-the-clock. And Search engine marketing is an ongoing process. In order to create new ideas to help spread your brand exposure  you should reserve some time each week

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L;;CoolaData - Using Segments in Reports and Dashboards;;NA;NA;;;How to use Segments in Cooladata Reports and Dashboards
L;;Web Analytics Foundations: Segmentation;;NA;;;But it's easy to upgrade! You can add the annual pass for this course -- just 299/yr   In aggregate  most website data is almost useless. Segmentation is an important part to drilling down to what yo
L;;The Beginner Guide to Visitor Segmentation;;NA;;;Do you wanna know the secret of successful online marketing? One word: segmentation. Did you raise an eyebrow? I’ll go even further: with all the data we can gather now  if you don’t do segmentati
L;;Video Guide: Visitor Segmentation;;NA;;;Averages are not informative. It's only through drilling down into specific segments that you can truly get an idea of what is going on with your website - and create tailored  personalized experience
L;;Web Analytics in Practice: Using Segmentation to Drive Insights and Actions!;;NA;;;[This post is the second post of the Web analytics in practice series - practical posts on various topics based on my own daily experience – as a practitioner. It aims at providing tips  advices
L;;Analyze Your Visitors' Behavior and Activity;;NA;;;Using advanced visitor               segmentation you can look at different groups of your visitors                analyze their behavior and make the necessary changes that will               improve


L;;6 Practical Web Analytics Segmentation Examples;;NA;;;Marketers have always grouped their target audiences into different types of people based on various criteria. For instance  they might group people based on their age  gender  or geographic location.

Segmentation in Google Analytics

L;;10 Web Analytics Resources Focusing on Segmentation in Google Analytics;;NA;;;We've put together a list of resources about segmentation in web analytics - with a particular focus on Google Analytics. 1. AVINASH KAUSHIK A great starting point for anything to do with web analytic
L;;Using Custom Segments in Google Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Google Analytics Advanced Segments for Measuring Social Media;;NA;;;Previously  we discussed the three ways to measure social media using Google Analytics. Out of the three methods  Advanced Segments are a personal favorite because they allow you to view any of your G
L;;4 Advanced Segments You Should Be Using to Get Actionable Data from Google Analytics;;NA;;;I love Advanced Segments so much I thought it was about time I wrote a post about them. What are Advanced Segments? Advanced Segments are a way to quickly segment your traffic in Google Analytics. Do
L;;Know Your User – 5 Advanced Segments to Use When Defining "Real Users" – Google Analytics;;NA;;;Following on from my post on aggregated metrics (pageviews  sessions  users) I thought it would be good to share some segment ideas that can define your users into real users. Using this metric (rathe
L;;About Google Analytics Special Features;;NA;;;Google Analytics contains several special features for building queries. For information on       setting up a Google Analytics       connection  see       Connecting to Google Analytics.        A Goo

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